Here we will sit down together to discuss your likes & dislikes, present fabrics and review some of your style inspirations. Come to the consult with your favorite fitting suit and pics from Instagram or Pinterest to help guide the conversation. During this time, we will identify your top fabric selection along with two to three additional top picks.


After the consultation, we send all the measurements along with pictures to our tailors where they hand sew your garments. Every stitch is complete with precision making the next step easy as possible.




After the build, your suit is sent to our office. We will set up a time with you for the fitting. If there are any necessary alterations, we will mark them at this time. Working with our alteration partner in Cherry Creek North, this is the final step before your perfected suit. This step is extremely important as we will take note of necessary changes and incorporate them into your next order. This is why we order your first suit and perfect it before ordering additional garments. 

*alteration costs are additional


Once alterations are complete, the suit is ready for you to show off. Enjoy the power a custom suit brings you - you will want to tell all your friends and blast it on your social media. 




We always recommend purchasing one suit the first time around to confirm your happiness. After that first one and you are ready to order additional suits, we will be there. With your measurements on hand, there is no need to make another appointment. Just let us know which fabric you would like to order next and we will handle the rest.